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That´s very Canadian

Hier finden Sie kleine Erlebnisse oder Eindrücke, welche in kein anderes Kapitel passen, und unserer persönlichen Meinung nach recht  kanadisch sind.

Um den Vorwurf der Befangenheit eines Zuggereisten los zu werden, möchten wir aber mit einem uns sehr lieb gewordenen Buch von Rachel (a.k.a. Vivien Bower) anfangen. Der Titel des Buches ist natürlich “That´s Very Canadian” (s. rechts).

“... So if you want to travel the world - just go to Toronto ! You´ll find people from all different cultures and countries there.”

“What´s short and squat, has a flat tail, buck teeth, and a big rump ? Our national symbol, that´s what. Okay, maybe a beaver is not as noble as a the lion, Britain´s symbol. ...”

“... The first version of “O Canada” was written in French and performed in 1880 in Quebec City. ... “O Canada” was officially made Canada´s national anthem in 1980, a hundred years later (Canadian´s don´t make hasty decisions.) ...”

Kleiner Service:
(“O Canada”: Alanis Morissette Sings The National Anthem In The Stanley Cup Finals 2007 - natürlich bilingual; und hier mal ganz anders von “The DuBay Band”)

“... So we need to sum up what Canada is all about in just a few words, ... What about something with beavers, Canada´s national symbol ? ...
How about: ... “A Country You Can Really Chew UP” ... on the second thought, maybe not beavers. What other animal is associated with Canada ?
I know, “Canada: A Million Mosquitoes Greet You!” ...”

aus: “That´s Very Canadian!” von Vivien Bowers; Maple Tree Press

to be continued ...