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  • Miete Toronto: 1500 bis 2500 CAD (Warmmiete; typisch kanadisches Haus)
  • Haarschnitt Herren – 17 CAD and up
  • Haarschnitt Frau (wash, cut & style) – 27 CAD and up
  • Haarschnitt 2 Kinder (1 x Junge / 1 x Mädchen) 27 CAD
  • Flasche Cola (2l) 0,97 – 2,29 CAD
  • 24 Fl. Bier (a 341 ml) Moosehead Lager – 24,95 CAD
  • Emmentaler (6 Scheiben - 177g kosten 6.53 CAD)
  • Europäisches Waschmittel 57 CAD (große Packung)
  • Milchprodukte (sehr teuer)
  • Benzin - normal bleifrei: von 0.66 CAD bis 1.38 CAD pro Liter
  • Internet, Kabel-TV und Telefon: ca. 100-150 CAD pro Monat
  • Handy (“cellphone”): 50-100 CAD pro Monat (auch der eingehende Anruf kostet)
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Es ist schon schizophren, da kosten die 4 Liter Packungen Milch  weniger als die gleiche Sorte a 2 Liter. Eine goldene Regel, zumindest in Toronto, immer in Großpackungen kaufen !


“TORONTO - The cost of healthy food items varies widely across the country, with some communities paying double and sometimes even six times more for the same product than others, a report released Monday by the Heart and Stroke Foundation suggests.

The prices of foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat ranged greatly, even from city to nearby city and within urban areas as well. Food prices in Scarborough, in the east end of Toronto, were lower than in the economically challenged Jane and Finch area in the city's northwest.
Paradoxically there was little variation in the cost of snack foods - items like cookies, potato chips and soft drinks that should be consumed in moderation. ...

The foundation bolstered its argument with data from a 1,400-person national poll that suggested 47 per cent of Canadians occasionally go without fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain and dairy products or lean meat or fish because they cost too much.  ...

The foundation asked volunteers in 66 cities to go shopping in October 2008, giving them a list of healthy foods adapted from Health Canada's national nutritious food basket. The food basket was designed to feed a family of four for a week.  ...

Selected foodstuffs included six medium apples, a bag of potatoes, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, one per cent milk, cheddar cheese, lean ground beef and peanut butter.
The price of apples varied wildly, from 90 cents in Peterborough, Ont., to $7.94 in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. But they were even expensive in some places below the tree line. In Calgary, the six apples cost $5.02 but up the highway in Edmonton, they were $1.71.
While remote Northern communities were often among the costliest places to shop for food, they weren't the only places paying at the high end of the food pricing scale.
In Thunder Bay, Ont., 520 grams of cheddar cheese cost $14.61, but in Barrie, Ont., the same item cost $4.99. One kilogram of lean ground meat went for $13.21 in Ottawa, but cost $4.74 in Montreal, less than two hours drive away. ...

Healthy choices were often more expensive than less healthy alternatives. For instance, margarine with trans fats cost on average $2.79 compared to $3.29 for trans fat-free margarine. Brown rice was $5.09 compared to white rice at $4.71. ... “

            Quelle: Yahoo Canada, 9 Feb 2009
            Artikel: By Helen Branswell, Medical Reporter, The Canadian Press

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